Mums That Failed Parenting – BAD !

The following 4 pictures are just ‘shocking ‘ ! Share these on Facebook or twitter and shock your mates.. Please comment as I’m sure you will have something to say… We will respond .


Yoga Pants – The Best pics of 2015

The best of 2015 (so far as more to come, loads more ) yoga pants and how sexy they really are.. if you love yoga pants, share this with your friends with the social media buttons below.


& You Think You Having A Bad Day ? You need to see this – it will change your mind !

Take that, YOU BITCH ! ( I bet he sings in the church choir now ) 10. 10. 10. 9.5 10. 10. 10. Who the fuck give a 9.5 ? When asked ” what happened ?” He replied ” I … Continue reading

How The Rich & Famous Relax !


Shit – There is a hat in this pic !
I didn’t see it.

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