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Posted on January 10, 2015 by Steve Heller Cornish news

The DJ shouted “who want’s to hear a banging song?”
A Nightclub in Camborne was closed last Saturday evening when a song gave five hundred listeners – explosive Diarrhoea.

Resident DJ Jimmy Jimmy Disco real name Nigel Brown of the “Dinlo’s” Nightclub Camborne said “I usually make really cool remixes on my computer. This week I was at home looking online when I came across an article about a phenomenon called “Brown Noise.” It said, if you play a bass noise at a certain frequency the vibration of the sound will disturb the listeners stomach and cause them to empty their bowels. So as a precaution, I took my laptop into the bathroom and sat on the toilet whilst making the song! Nothing really happened at home, although I did fart a couple times when I turned the volume up.

I took the song to Dinlo’s that evening. The club was full and everyone was dancing. I stopped the music and shouted to the crowd “who wants to hear a banging song?” the whole crowd cheered and everyone seemed really excited. I decided to count down from ten. The whole crowd joined in. We got to one. I pressed play and all I heard was the sound of five hundred people groaning at the same time. They all looked at each other with a really embarrassed look on their faces. I didn’t know what to do so I kept playing the song to see what would happen next. Then the club manager came running out the toilet waving his arms – shouting “TURN IT OFF! TURN IT OFF!” By that time it was too late and everyone had pooped themselves. It was the worst moment of my life!”

A regular club goer who didn’t want to be named, said “I can’t believe what happened. It was gross. One minute everyone was dancing, the next minute everyone was groaning. I rushed to the toilet and it looked like a crime scene in there! Completely disgusting, there was even a hand print on the wall! I’m never going there again.

Brown Noise was discovered during the second World War, when scientist tried to make weapons with sounds. The chances of creating it are very rare and the noise is at such a low frequency it cannot be heard by the human ear. The sound wave vibrates around twenty times per second, penetrating the stomach – causing the listener to mess themselves.

Was you there ? Have you ever heard of “the brown noise” ?
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Disturbing- this came out of her dinner, made us feel sick


Usually I would buy meat from the local butchers, as I’m all for supporting local and I like to know what My family eats is a quality product, but today my wife was heading to Asda to get some famine products – me feeling a bit on the lazy side, I asked her to get some Prime minced beef so I could make a Shepherds Pie for our family meal.
While my wife was out- I started to get the shepherds pie started, pealing potatoes for the top, browning onions, add a pepper, splash of red wine to blanch the carrots, spoonful of mustard, bay leaves, pinch of curry powder, salt and pepper, and it was ready to add the minced beef…
This is what my wife returned with and I used to make our family dinner;


2015/01/img_3890.pngA DIRTY FINGER NAIL!
We knew it was not one of ours in our family, as no one bites their nails .


We spoke to someone from the store it was bought from their response was
We could bring it back and get a refund providing we had a receipt ” . Even tho I explained that it had been used and cooked in a meal…
We felt disgusted !!